Feb 7, 2013

The inaugral PDXnode meetup - my notes

  • ESRI and the host, Walmart Labs, are actively coding in node - Walmart Labs is hiring to build out the node services backing walmart dot com.
  • Jerry Sievert, the creator of the Bailey's Taproom hardware / software setup, presented his co-authored Terraformer node module.
  • Node in the browser is a thing.
  • For bison/lex like BNF grammar parsing in node check out jison.
  • Grunt is awesome - the build all do all container.
  • If you're consuming a node module that you're actively developing then you can either use npm link, or depend on a github branch/version via package.json.
  • npm install --save is the way to easily install an npm packge and add it to your package.json.
  • npm star is a fun way to appreciate a package - but you need to login for it to work apparently?
  • Terraformer is an example of a single project that exports multiple node modules and uses grunt.
  • Browserify is awesome but HUDE. It stops your package from being under 10k. It's suitable for large projects.
  • If you don't have heavy node dependencies you can achieve the portability Browserify delivers in just 27 lines of code. See the first 27 lines of Terraformer/blob/master/dist/node/Parsers/WKT/parser.js.
  • this will be the exports module or window depending on your environment.
  • AppFog offered free hosting to the pdxnode.com site for the user group..
I'm not sure on the politics of this logo. I crafted it from the node pdx conference logo.


Eric Chan said...

Thanks for sharing your notes Merlyn!

Curious Attempt Bunny said...

You're welcome. The notes are as much for me as they are for anyone else...