The good

  • more potential hires
  • lower overhead cost -> higher compensation
  • no forced commute -> improved quality of life
  • more diverse team mates
  • being able to do laundry and other chores
  • able to spend time with friends that work irregular hours
  • pets!

The bad

  • a meeting you aren’t invited to
  • internet connection fails or poor quality
  • graphical editors -> hard for both parts of a pair
  • time zones -> problematic (hard to do hand-offs, need overlapping time)


  • symmetry for pairing (i.e. neutral environment so that both parties have the same experience)
  • low cost to communication (e.g. slack integration to share a tmux link to your pairing setup)
  • microphone recommendation “blue snowball”
  • —> “standown”: drink a beer, talk about what didn’t work that day, etc <—
  • advertising discussions ahead of time so that folks can join if they want to
  • use low latency tools